Freitag, 23. November 2012

Across the pond on 100 mW

Greetings to all readers,  I am posting this to let you know about my progress with WSPR ( Weak Signal Propagation Reporter) .

 I am running the Ultimate QRSS beacon kit for 30m band from Hans Summer G0UPL and Steve Farthing G0XAR it supports many modes one of which is WSPR,.

The UQRSS is in the garage in a woolly sock at the moment because the cold weather alters the frequency outside of the 30m WSPR segment.

The antenna is a homemade resonant 1/4 wave vertical, the radiator 7m long is at an angle of about 60 degrees in an NW direction and the 10 x 5m horizontal radials are in a fan shape of 45 degrees in a SW direction, the complete antenna is on top of the garage, the RG 58 coax is about 1m long and no balun is used.

I am very happy with the results sofar.

Please click on the links above for more information on the Ultimate QRSS kit and WSPR.

Thank you for reading my blog.

 Vy 73 de Colin DD5CF / G1ZOS

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