Montag, 7. Mai 2012

Portable ops from Rheinbach near Bonn JO30ko

Hi, my wife Barbara wanted to go shopping in the town of Rheinbach which had an open day this Sunday 6/5/12 and wanted to know if I could drive her there, knowing  Barbara can spend hours looking through one shop I said yes but only if I could do my own thing, so the idea was born to try out on the 40 meter band my homebrew 10 watt linear amp with the homebrew wonderloop from an idea by Julian,G4ILO and the Hairspray can antenna from an idea by Arthur DL7AHW from a forest car park near by.

I first tried the magnetic loop which has a diameter of just 80cm and had a QSO with Stefaan, ON2BS at 14:53 he was 57 with me I received 55 at a distance of 125 Kms (78 Miles), then at 14:58 with Christoph, DM5HF/P, he was 57 and I received 56 at a distance of 373 Kms (231 Miles).

I then changed to the Hairspray can antenna, at 15:30 Jean, F8CHM, him 59, me 57, 583 Kms (362 Miles), 15:35, Peter G7FMF, him 57, me 56, 670 Kms ( 416 Miles) and 16:01 Mike, F5VIG, him 56, me 44 at a distance of 780 Kms (484 Miles).

It was raining and some condensation got into the 360pF air varible cap on the magnectic loop, I noticed some flash over on the vanes which never happend when I was running 1.5 watts, I will have to think about sealing the plactic box for the mag loop, no condesation problems with the Hairspray can antenna, I will post some pictures later.

Vy 73 and thanks for reading my Blog de Colin DD5CF/G1ZOS.

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