Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

Qrp Portable in MTZ Franfurt

Hi, yesterday (26/07/11) I had to drive  to MTZ in Frankfurt so I decided to take my homemade QRP transceiver  "The Fivehead" (from a kit by G3PCJ, Tim Walford) and my homemade magnectic loop antenna "The Wonder Loop" (by G4ILO Julian Moss), the loop has a diameter of 80cm and is set up on a camera tripod about 1.5m over ground, after calling CQ on 40m SSB a number of times without succsess I tuned around the 40m band and picked up DK4MH/P who had actived the SOTA DMBW-168 summit at 15:55 Utc and he gave me a 44 report and I gave him 57, at a distance of 234 Kms or 145 Miles which is not bad at all for 1.5 watts and a small magnectic loop, Julian (G4ILO) recomends the use of a 250 pF air variable which I didn't have so I used a Polyvaricon that I had and this works fine with the 1.5 watts but not recommended with more power, photos to follow.
Vy 72/3 de Colin

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