Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

Portable ops as G1ZOS/P from Clacton on sea beach

Short 40m dipole (from an idea by G3TKN) on a 7m roach pole, 2x  8.23m elements, 2.44m open wire feeder, 1:1 balun on ferrite rod, 8m coax to tranceiver, no AMU needed. 
I went back to my home town for 10 days holiday and was QRP SSB QRV
on 8 of those days, I had a number of contacts through out Europe on 40m using homemade equipment and running just 1.5 watts into a short dipole as inverted V (from an idea by G3TKN) on a 7m roach pole, my furthest contact was with IV3SUS, Savino at 07:43 UTC on 15/8/2011, my report was 5 and 3 and his was 5 and 5 at a distance of 1334 Kms. I also used my homemade hairspray can antenna for 40m and one for 80m,( from an idea by DL7AHW) my furthest contact with the 40m hairspray can antenna was at 07:05 UTC on 20/8/2011 with DL7MEF, Franz my report was 59 and his was 56 at a distance of 761 Kms with just 1.5 watts and a 50 cm long antenna, I am always amazed at how far I get with these two, the 80m hairspray can antenna has just been built and I had my first two QSO's  with this on 20/8/2011 at 08:29 and 08:39 with GB2HLH and TM0LHG  at a distance of 134 Kms and 113 Kms using 4 watts, the 40m ant has one hairspray can and the 80m version uses 3 cans.

Vy 72/73 de Colin G1ZOS / DD5CF
80m Hairspray can ant
7m roach pole holding up really well in a sea front storm, homemade "Wonder loop" from an idea by G4ILO on the left.
40m hairspray can ant

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