Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012

Portable ops from Muenster

Hi, when I am visting my in-laws in Münster I take my 40m and 2m portable setup which all fits into a backpack, included are a monoband transceiver (1.5 watts) from a kit from England (The Fivehead) and my trusty old FT 290R II (2m) which has been with me since 1986, the antenna I use for 40m are a hairspray can antenna from an idea by DL7AHW, G4ILO's Wonderloop (both for the 5th storey balcony of my in-laws flat), in the field I use a  resonant 40m short dipole (each leg 8.23m and 2.44m ladder line) on a 7m roach pole from an idea by G3TKN (see QRZ.COM G1ZOS for photos), for 2m I use a rollup J pole antenna made from 450 ohm ladderline (balcony ant) and in the field a double quad SOTA antenna for 2m and 70cm from an idea by DL1JMS also on the 7m roach pole.

My best contacts were using 1.5 watts on 40m and the hairspray can antenna, with GD4WBY Mike (Isle of Man) at 07:47 UTC on 31/12/2011 who gave me a 5/7 report he was 5/9, at a distance of 523 miles (841 kms) and IZ8FRH (Enzo) at 17:08 on 31/12/2011 he was 5/9  he had my callsign right but I lost him before I could receive my report from him, at a distance of 828 miles (1332 kms).

Vy 73 de Colin DD5CFG/1ZOS

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