Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

Hi, my name is Colin and my call sign is DD5CF I also hold the call sign G1ZOS,  I enjoy being a QRP operator and most of all when portable,

                      QRP to me is not just about the reduction of power output to 10 watts SSB or 5w CW,  it is also about using simple homebuilt equipment and simple wire antenna,   but if you are able to afford commerical equipment and multi element high gain antenna that is also good because it is the QRP SPIRIT that counts, just reduce power and start enjoying the challenge of Ham Radio again, I would prefer a deckchair copy to an armchair copy anyday.

I hope to be able to keep  you up to date about my portable operations with locations photos and types of antenna used.

Vy 73 de Colin G-QRP # 4057, Flying Pigs # 2656

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